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A group of people in worn clothes trudge over a muddy field. A tall woman holds a rifle in her hand, a short mustachioed man squints over a map, and the last, a tall, blue alien of indeterminate gender, is lazily strumming a guitar and singing a tune, thinking about a time long since passed.

They can all see the UFO crashed into a small farmhouse to the edge of the field. To their mind, it’s too risky to approach; either bandits are using it to stage an ambush or the aliens that crashed are still in the ship.

Sure, there’s a chance they’ll get their hands on a weird alien technology, like a ray gun, a teleportation device, or a holographic disguise.  

But you survive longer if you play it safe a lot of the time and they learned that lesson from hard-earned experience.

It’s better to be careful at the end of the world.

What This Game Is

Apocalypse Roadtrip is a 34-page Forged In The Dark game for 2-5 players about normal people finding their way after the world has ended. Specifically, it is a hack of the tremendous and innovative As The Sun Forever Sets

Navigating their way past roaming Kaiju, military bombings, otherworldly cryptids, UFO fleets, and other survivors (friendly and not), the characters work hard to achieve their goals and, ultimately, make some changes in their world.


  • SHORT & EASYApocalypse Roadtrip is a streamlined Forged In The Dark system that fits within 34 pages. If you're looking for a streamlined way of getting into FitD games, look no further!
  • FIGHT (OR HIDE FROM) KAIJU: This world is filled with stumbling, swimming, digging, and flying Kaiju. You are people stuck right in the middle of this world, choosing to hide from them, or take the fight to them. Also, there's UFOs and Cryptids all over the place...
  • WIDE VARIETY OF VEHICLES: Want to drive a Red Convertable? Or a Tank? Or a Flying Saucer? Or a Submarine? This game provides streamlined rules for driving any kind of craft you desire... and a decent list of strange Alien Crafts that you can get your hands on.
  • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Write your own character traits based on their background and skills, then watch as they gain new talents and forget others as your character advances.
  • A WORLD ALIVE: This game provides rules for creating your own Roadmap, filling them with up to 19 different Factions, and letting players explore to their heart's content. 
  • CHANGE THE WORLD: By completing goals, characters gain a special resource which allow them to alter the world around them. Want to establish your own community, send an enemy faction back into space, or ensure that a loved one can live a life in safety? Now you can.
  • BUILD FRIENDSHIPS: Taking inspiration from Beam Saber, Apocalypse Roadtrip allows you to make snap judgements about your fellow survivors and then reduce stress by getting to know them better. The better you know them, the better you can help them, the more stress you accumilate, the more you need to hang out with them... And so on.
  • SURVIVAL GAME NONSENSE: Want Weapon Degradation? A Limited Inventory? Crafting Systems? A Hunger Meter? Apocalypse Roadtrip has them all, with a simple, easy-to-follow process. 
  • EMBRACE THE STRANGE: Enjoy a wide variety of weird technology that came down with the Alien Invaders: Shrink Rays, Teleporters, Translators, Weather Controllers, and more!


Wanna See How It Plays?

Watch Zero, Nicole, Coffee, and Foolinc from Roll Plus Bond play a terrific one-shot (with great character art from Coffee) for their 5th anniversary charity marathon to raise funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians!

Check out So Many Levels' wonderful actual play of Apocalypse Roadtrip!

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AuthorMynar Lenahan
Tagscryptid, Forged in the Dark, kaiju, Post-apocalyptic, Tabletop role-playing game, ufo


Get this TTRPG and 642 more for $10.00 USD
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I was looking to purchase a copy, but it only allows payment through Paypal... And I don't have/want a Paypal account.


I've just added Stripe payments to my itch account, so let me know if that works!


It did! I just bought a copy. Thanks!

The game was mentioned in The Indie RPG Newsletter, and I had to check it out. 

One more question: why include an RTF? I've never seen that before.


That's good to hear! I'm a big Thomas fan and super excited for the new patreon. 

Oh, and I included the .rtf file since I heard somewhere it was easier for people to access if they're using text to speech.