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You’ve heard rumors of a growing fungal forest around the south-east Metro. 

A forest filled with anomalous shards and unlooted buildings untouched since the bombs fell. 

If you can weather the ill-effects and the countless monsters, you might just end up the richest man in the Soviet wasteland…

The Technicolor Forest is an 18-page unofficial region, beastiary, rule supplement, and adventure written for RAD: Roleplaying in the Post-Soviet Nuclear Wasteland by ¡Hipólita!

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What You'll Find Inside

  • NEW REGION: Learn about The Technicolor Forest and its 5 main settlements, from the cautious Parkovaya Street which transformed a Metro tunnel into a small city to The Greenhouse, the still-occupied southern station lost to The Forest, to the speculative Probeda Town, a Potemkin village "reclaimed" from the Forest... 
  • NEW FACTIONS: Learn what the three main groups who live around The Technicolor Forest plan to do with the ever encroaching fungal threat... 
  • FLEXIBLE: This adventure will work no matter if you've chosen to play a campaign hiding inside the metro or travelling along the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • EXPLORE THE TECHNICOLOR FOREST: Brand new rules for exploring the dense, toxic, and unmapped fungal forest which has consumed this corner of the wasteland. Only the most intrepid weirdoes will discover the well-spring where all this weirdness comes from.
  • SPECIAL INCURSION: A "dungeon" made for this adventure set within the Heart of The Forest: The spawning point for mutants in the region and the origin point for the Forest itself. Learn some history while you examine a ruin untouched since the bombs first fell.
  • NEW MUTANTS: This supplement also features a beastiary with eleven brand new creatures and people you might encounter in The Technicolor Forest and beyond. How do you think you'll stand up to The Land Whale, The Beast Puppet, Elephant In Room, or That Fucking Frog??
  • RAD NEW POWERS: Six strange new powers exclusive to this adventure with bizarre names like Fungal Infection, Memory Eater, Noises, and Weather Report.
  • TEAMWORK: And, just because I had some space, I sketched out some teamwork rules (named Comradery) which allows player characters to put themselves at risk to help other players on a roll...



Get this Adventure and 642 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$7.50 USD or more

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